What is your passion?

October 22, 2020

Spend your time enjoying what you do for a living. Do so, and you'll never really work a day in your life.

The other day someone asked me why I decided to become a Real Estate Agent.  That question reminded me of why I got into the business to begin with.  While in college I was required to take a course called Kinesiology and Health Science.  The class was known to be the hardest course required for my degree.  It would require a lot of preparation and study time to make a good grade in the class.  The professor, Dr. Jesse Demalo, was known to be a tough teacher.  I put off taking the class for as long as I could to avoid all the preparation that was needed.  However, the time came when I could put it off no longer.  

I remember the first day of that course.  I entered the class room with note pad in hand and a couple of new pens, ready to take notes.  My plan was to get a jump start on the class and not get behind.  Dr. Demalo entered the room and to my surprise started the class by asking us a simple question.  His question was, "What is your passion?"  "What do you like to do when you're not in class, not a work, or when you don't have other obligations?"  "How do you like to spend your free time?"

Dr. Demalo asked that we go around the room and take turns answering the question.  Some students responded by saying their passion was reading, spending time with family and friends, or playing sports.  When it came my turn to respond, I simply said I enjoyed spending time outside.  Anything outdoor related attracted me.  On that day, I realized my true passion was the outdoors.

After each person had finished sharing, Dr. Demalo reminded us there are many people in our world who go to work everyday hating their job.  They go to work everyday and can't wait for the day to end.  They were stuck in a job that its only real benefit was paying the bills.  There was no joy in what they did for living.  His advise to us as a class, was to choose a career path related to our passion, whatever that might be.  By doing so we would find joy in our chosen career.

He went on to tell the story of when he was a boy in Portugal, he loved to play soccer.  He played soccer all the time and envisioned himself one day becoming a professional soccer player.  Soccer was Dr. Demalo's passion!  As he got older, he realized becoming a professional soccer player was likely not going to materialize.  So, he began to look for other career paths where he could still use his passion for soccer, as well as other sports, to find a joyful career to make a living.  That line of thinking eventually led him to pursue a degree in Kinesiology, where he became a professor and later the Head of the Department or Kinesiology at a major university.  

His point was simply this... look for career paths related to your passion. 

Whatever your passion is, there's likely several career options to choose from.  I love to spend time outdoors, whether it's hunting, fishing, participating in land management or just spending time with my family and friends on the family farm.  This "outdoor passion" is what led me to become a Real Estate Broker and a Realtree Land Pro many years ago.  I get to meet with landowners and buyers who are like minded.  I enjoy going out on a property for the first time and see how it lays, determining it's highest and best use and discovering what each property has to offer.  I enjoy what I do for a living at it shows!  As the old saying goes, "enjoy what you do for a living and you'll never have to work a day in your life."  I believe that saying to be true!

Thinking of selling your home or land?  Thinking of purchasing a tract of land to call your own.  Give me a call.  We'll take a ride in the truck, spend the day together and enjoy the outdoors.  I'm here to help! 

Oh by the way... what's your passion? 

Bruce T. Gray, Land Pro/Broker 

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